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  Top 5 Packing Tips  

Top 5 Packing Tips

As airline baggage fees continue to rise with no end in sight, creative packing strategies have become the budget-savvy traveler’s best friend.  With airlines charging upwards of $75 dollars for a second bag and some even charging for the first, packing lightly is now a must. The Top 5 tips to save space and money include:

1. Make a list. Before packing anything, create a list with each day of your vacation and what you will need. Having a list saves time, creates less hassle and even more excitement about your upcoming trip.  Plus, having a list can save you from realizing you’ve included ten pairs of underwear for your 3-night cruise!

2. Always pack full outfits. It is easy to throw items randomly into a suitcase that you “might need” but it is more efficient to include outfits for your respective days on the road or at sea.  Remember your accessories, shoes, hats and more.

3. Keep it simple! If your vacation includes sun and sand, don’t over pack sweaters and pants. Most likely, you will end up in a bathing suit and flip flops with a suitcase of heavy (and costly! remember the airline fees!) clothes you never use.

4. Don’t overdo toiletries. Sure, you may love your uber-concentrated overnight moisturizer, but if it’s not a must, leave it at home.  Packing only the essentials will save space. And remember, most resorts and cruise ships today offer blow dryers and complimentary amenities (even some created just for them by your favorite cosmetic companies).  Don’t forget airport security policies limit your carry-on liquids (this includes lotions, creams and sprays) to 3 oz.  If you don’t want it confiscated, don’t bring it. 

5. Finally, don’t stress. Preparing for a trip can be overwhelming, needing to pack for your entire family, clean the house, remember your important documents, find a pet-sitter and more.  The ultimate goal is to relax and unwind with your kids, significant other and friends. If you’re organized about your packing, you can save time and money.

Travel agents are trained experts in every aspect of travel, from packing to specific airline or cruise line rules/regulations and more, so don’t feel like you’re alone in the vacation planning process. For help with your next trip, contact Shannon Speaker.  

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